Mia Habib Productions

…Why should you gaze on the dance of Shulammite as on the dance of two armies?…

Mia Habib / Timo Kreuser (2012)

An ensemble performance for multiple robots and one dancer. The show looks at the grotesque body imagery in Shir ha-Shirim (from Song of Solomon) and contemporary definitions of beauty in an extended media reality.

A female dancer in the company of an interactive, robot-sculpture ensemble creates extended movements and sonic close-ups of the dancers’ body. With its human and hyper-human actors this performance comes into existence on those blurred boundaries that seem to separate body and image, man and machine, the inner and outer beauty and the grotesque. Questions of how the desirable body is presented as well as how we relate to the tabooed body and its awkwardness is confronted here in a generous, auditive and visual composition. What are our ideas of body and beauty and how do these ideas change, shape and filter? Where does the grotesque-, the trans-generative-, the edited- and the inorganic body meet?

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