Mia Habib

We Insist, the stranger within – Upcoming 2017

Rani Nair/ Jassem Hindi / Mia Habib (2017)

We Insist is a hybrid project lead by Mia Habib, Rani Nair and Jassem Hindi. The project has been active since 2007, producing performances, workshops, visual installations and documenting its collaborations with international artists (from Mexico, Syria, Morocco, Norway, Sweden, Iran, Iceland, Germany…). Based on this experience we are designing our next project, “The stranger within”. This time our project is extended to the whole territory of Norway.

“The stranger within” is the poetical practice of a political space, under the figure of the artist as a stranger. One of our main goals is to use our experience and multiple forms of sharing (presented below). These multiple forms of sharing will form the base for a series of performances  about the artist as a stranger, the stranger as a healer, the healer as a gatherer. The artist as a stranger is the one who is being able to pace the land, playing the game of hospitality, being the host and guest of many. This artist is the healer, a political reader, capable of hosting a community around an event, pointing at the foreign in us. As such, we are the gatherers of diverse things, preserving their singularity. These things are held together by the mere effect of an activity. This is what we call a poetical practice. The poetical practice can withstand and hold on to contradicting objects and show another side, a strange side to them. Our activity of the poetical practice in specific places, inhabited by a multiplicity of people, is spread upon what we call a political space.

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