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WE INSIST Mexicali

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a mirror installation (2009)

The ‘’Political Equator’’ is a term coined by Teddy Cruz to refer to a phenomenon of an attempt to separate the ‘‘First’’ and ‘‘Third’’ worlds by the erection of walls. The dance artist Gilad Ben Ari initiated the project “Running Into the Political Equator” in Mexicali, Mexico.

WE INSIST joined Ben Ari´s project at the fence on the Mexican side between the Mexican city Mexicali and the U.S sister city Calexico. For four days an international crew of artists worked on preparing different artistic interventions at the fence for a main event the last day. WE INSIST built a 3 meter tall and 6 meter wide mirror installation on the border wall itself. The installation was being used by other artistic interventions. WE INSIST used the process of building the installation to interact with the local environment and understand more of the social context by the border. During these days WE INSIST met and worked with Ismael Castro, an artist from Mexicali dealing with art as activism and social related art events. WE INSIST assisted him for his motorbike parade project with the local biker club.