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WE INSIST Marrakech

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In January 2009 On Marche festival, Marrakech, took place with WE INSIST invited to several different projects.

WE INSIST was part of the festivals concept called danse f´lappart. This was a concept of gathering small site specific installation performances in Theatre Royal and in the Cinema School of Marrakech.

WE INSIST Marrakech – dance in Marrakech, a movement installation
In Theatre Royal WE INSIST worked in a small space in the basement with an ongoing one hour performance of movement and sound where the audience could come and go as they wished.
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WE INSIST Marrakech – Violence of details
a cable installation
In the Cinema School WE INSIST weaved a fence of 1300 meters of black cables through one of the student corridors, separating the students locker space with the corridor. Inside of this black cable space WE INSIST did a one hour ongoing performance with the material developed from Porto via Damascus with black cables. A material later to be called violence of details. The installation was left for one month as an installation on request by the director of the school.
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WE INSIST Marrakech, Danse Contre Norriture
The other concept of the festival called “danse contre norriture” also called WE INSISTs interest and attention. With the idea of giving a 3 – 10 minute improvised performance in a private home to a family in return of a good lunch together with the hosts WE INSIST performed in two Moroccan homes. This concept opened up for a unique exchange and meeting with people living in Marrakech.