Mia Habib Productions


Rani Nair / Jassem Hindi / Mia Habib (2009)

…a meeting in Madagascar, a mirror installation at the fence on the border between U.S.A and Mexico, a performance on violence in Damascus, a weaved fence of black cables in Marrakech, a performance lecture in the Opera of Gothenburg, secret agents in Damascus, infiltration of a house in Belfort – traces left behind, traces brought with, traces being spread.

WE INSIST, sound-and noise musician Jassem Hindi and the dance artists Rani Nair and Mia Habib started to work on identity as a crisis, as a tension, and not as a stable concept. The project is about looking at how, through sound and body language, we can question and practice this identity, understood as an unstable nomadic state, crossed over by a multiplicity of tensions and traversed by layers of intensities.

How does identity maintains itself, how does it transmute? How does it sometimes make us slip into madness or void, into frenetic tautological repetition of our self or into an abyss of difference between us and the rest of the world?


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