Mia Habib Productions

a couple dance

Guilherme Garrido / Mia Habib (2009)

The duet “ a couple dance uses the stage as a space of possibilities to unfold, discover and subvert the complex layers in a relationship between two people. The relation, and Mia & Gui who create it, constantly changes appearance and lingers in a multiplex play between fiction and reality.

An ungraspable couple dance. A relation in an in-between space where shadows in the dark sing about our masks and plays, where abstract forms, animalistic dialogues and the sensual play between two bodies become one.

Through movement, live video and music created by the performers on stage, two bodies travel through different landscapes in a white space, in an attempt of relating to each other.

Mia Habib was in 2009 the chosen artist of the year by Dance House in Oslo presenting three projects in the house. A couple dance was the first in this series.

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