Mia Habib Productions

Sweet & Tender Collaborations

Sweet & Tender Collaborations is first and foremost an idea for cultural production and exchange. It is an artist-driven initiative and an artistic project in constant development.   It is the idea that a network of individuals can combine their resources to realize a level of access, mobility and growth that would not otherwise be available to each artist alone. We believe that this method of exchange can produce a more dynamic and fertile ground for individual and cultural development. Sweet & Tender seeks to put the power of cultural production and exchange more into the hands of artists themselves, and to push forward the public notion of performance and cultural exchange in the 21st century. The network dares autonomous and institutional structures to take a risk and become more porous and engaged through creative exchange with Sweet & Tender Collaborations.

Many aspects of the philosophy of Sweet & Tender Collaborations is also to be found in the way WE INSIST organizes its work and practice.