Mia Habib Productions

MISSING IN ACTION (M.I.A) / Touring production

She (Mia Habib) is challenging our way of seeing and dealing with difference”,

Tanz Im August, 2016

‘Missing In Action (M.I.A.)’ is an exploration of the body’s kinaesthetic experiences of power and oppression. ‘Missing in Action’ juxtaposes the images of the body as terrorist-stranger-oppressed to point at the human face of fear, and implies that a person is much more than the sum of ideas and images s/he is thought to represent.

This work from 2005 marked the beginning of Habib ́s artistic career and traces of the work are still seen in her projects today. This solo also became a door-opener internationally as it drew a lot of attention, from the large European dance houses to smaller groundbreaking festivals.

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