Mia Habib Productions


Mia Habib / Rani Lavie 2012

While developing the project HEAD(S), Mia implemented the pre-project MIND(S) in Tel Aviv in February 2012 – a research and dance series of three meetings in Shop31 Gallery. MIND(S) – opens to the audience a combination between a dance piece in process and theoretical aspects that the artist investigates; mainly questions regarding space, ideologies, stage, and the relations between them in a dance performance.

First meeting: The stage as an array – the performance space as an ideological space of resistance.
A panel moderated by Noam Segal, with Dr. Tali Hatuka and Ronnen Ben-Arie.
Second meeting: HEAD(S) on stage (work – in – progress).
Third meeting: Minds in Tights – Habib’s space in relation to the Israeli dance space. Shir Hacham and Ido Feder in discussion with and about the artist.