Mia Habib Productions


 “And yet, a mass solo is also about a body that let’s itself be invaded. Mia lets the crowd come to her, almost into her. Politically, socially, intimately.  A high risk for a single body: to be given to an unknown crowd. To invert the laws of hospitality and of public theater: her house becomes everyone’s house – a  radical operation” (Jassem Hindi from his text Larvatus Prodeo in the HEAD(S) booklet).

With and by: Mia Habib
Light design: Ingeborg Olerud
Sound: Jassem Hindi/ Lucio Capece/ Sergio Merce
Video and masks: Yoav Tal
Costumes: Hamoutal Ziulkowski
Produced by: Transnational Arts production and Mia Habib Productions / Sweet & Tender Norway
Co-production: RAS-Regional Arena for Samtidsdans/Sandnes Kulturhus and Shop31
In residency: Shop31
HEAD(S) is supported by: Norsk Kulturråd and Fond for Lyd og Bilde

Premiered at Black Box Theatre, April 2012.