Mia Habib Productions

Gjallarhorn – Commisioned by Carte Blanche 

Premiered 2016

Mia Habib (2016)

Commissioned by Carte Blanche, The Norwegian National Company for contemporary dance, as a part of the double bill We are here together (2016).

“Mia Habib and Marcelo Evelin have a great urge to confront themselves and others, and to challenge other peoples’ meanings.”

In their pieces Gjallarhorn  and The Who of Things, Habib and Evelin show their raw and naked choreographic language. Cleverly implementing, the choreographers work actively, consciously and consistently to keep the direction of their movement language until it meets the audience. A body contains memories and thoughts, it has a history and it has lived in a ritual. That body exists in a mass, and it is wild!