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Foto: Tale Hendnes

How to die, Inopiné – World premiere 06.02.2020 / Touring production

World Premiere February 6, 2020 at Norrlandsoperan, Umeå, Sweden

Maybe it ends in silence. Like the silence beyond silence. The silence when you are so far into the mountains at night, that the only sound is your heart beating. Maybe it ends together, singing around a bonfire. Or maybe it never ends. What would this be with no ending? A process. A performance. Maybe it continues, because everyone leaves with something to hold on to.

This is a time we have not yet imagined. We can practice, we can prepare for the unexpected.

How to die – Inopiné is a transdisciplinary investigation, developed between Umeå and Oslo, about ecological grief, cultural panic, and a feeling of collapse.

The collective of dancers, scientists, sound, light, and costume designer an a choreographer, have interviewed, discussed with and given workshops to several inhabitants and institutions around these three thematics.


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