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How to Die/Inopiné


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Research segment of the project:

“A Raft to the Otherworld”- a research project within the production “How to Die/Inopiné”

A transdisciplinary, transnational group of scholars and practitioners is gathered to dialogue, through interrogation of own practice and informed by dialogue with practicing individuals and organizations in Umeå and Oslo, on two key social themes of our time: cultural panic and ecological grief.

We hold that these pervasive cultural sentiments result from a sense of increasing destabilization and volatility that characterize our world, feeding either a sense of paralysis or paranoid action. This is most eloquently expressed in the society’s sentiments towards the figure that embodies volatility as an existential condition: the migrant. We understand the migrant to be not merely the person defined by her/his movement across national borders, but as someone who, as volatility rises as the common horizon of humankind, should be viewed as a key figure and a clue in the rethinking of politics and socio-spatial planning.

Our collective investigation is a self-reflexive process where we ask all participants to question their respective disciplines’ capacity or incapacity to effectively confront and tackle cultural panic and ecological grief. We are looking for perspectives and knowledge from individuals and organizations that are present and active in Umeå and Oslo, two locations where the project will be in residence throughout 2019-2020, and whose work engages on some level with issues outlined above. We are curious about how these issues manifest in the local context, and how they are encountered and dealt with in governance, scholarship, and professional practices, as well as within the horizons of everyday life.

Over the course of 2019, our process will zoom in on the concrete prospects of social forms and physical/spatial structures – landscape, urban, and architectonic forms – that would be capable of better accommodating volatility in its environmental, economic, and cultural manifestations, and that would simultaneously embrace and channel the agency of the migrant. These question shall be explored in a curriculum – a design brief submitted to several schools of architecture, and reflected upon in writing by our team of researchers-agents.

Written by research curator Namik Mačkić

Choreographer: Mia Habib
Produced by: Mia Habib Productions
Dramaturge: Steinunn Ketilsdóttir
Lightdesign: Ingeborg Olerud
Sound design: Jassem Hindi
Costume: Ali Hazara
Creative dancers:  Harald Beharie,Tarek Halaby, Asher Lev, Anna Persson, Nina Wollny
Research team: Namik Mačkić, Ashkan Sepahvand
Produced by:Mia Habib Productions
Pre-production: Kira Senkpiel
Co-produced by: Norrlandsoperan, Dance House Oslo, BIT Teatergarasjen Bergen
Supported by:Arts Council Norway

Premiere: 6th of February Norrlandsoperan

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