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We Insist, the stranger within (ext)


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“The stranger within” is about pacing Norway and display this proposal of the artist as a stranger, a healer, a gatherer, without limiting ourselves to conventional art/performance spaces. We will pursue our investigation of private houses, social clubs, bars, foyers of cultural spaces, outdoor spaces, factories, harbors… : places of social or domestic gathering, on the fringe of public 

Operating on the fringe of public spaces, and outside of institutional networks, will allow a better activation of our concept of the artist as a stranger. Instead of being the hosts of a performance, we will be the guests of a social network, holding on to a myriad of possible material to perform with. We will be using the performative strategies we have built together:

We do not work on identity crises in a political language, but in a formal one, to point out structures, to examine what art forms carry those crises, how they are carried into bodies, into music, into art. We use the material those crises have produced, the gestures and the constraints they have generated. Having close contact with the people that invite us, gathering a maximum of information through discussions, pictures, videos and sounds is an important part of our work. Instead of talking about general politics, we work within the frame and context of our micro political, micro economical situation. We build our space and language with what we can carry with us, and what the situation carries for us. (WE INSIST).

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