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Through installations, black boxes, white cubes, public spaces, apartments, texts and photo, the trio works with what is needed and triggered by the different social, cultural and political contexts they find themselves in. And not to mention, what the meetings with different people on the way evokes.

WE INSIST was not only born in Madagascar, but it was born while meeting an audience, it was born in dialogue with different people, spaces and places. It was born, being shaped and discovering its ways always in interaction with the world around and the people in it. WE INSIST never relates to an audience, WE INSIST relates to people and each meeting that feeds the next step of the process, the next step of the journey that leaves traces in the next performance and the next choice to be made. Therefore there has always been an ongoing feedback, discussion and dialogue with the “audience”, the people in WE INSISTs path since before the beginning.

The feedback moments, talks and discussions has taken place in informal and spontaneous meetings, arranged feedback sessions with other artists, “after talks” with the audience, talks with people working with us, people we bump into, people we fall in love with, people we get curious about, people that becomes curios about us, people we visit, people that visit us, people that help us, people in projects we infiltrate, people that infiltrates us, people we are setup with, people we cannot avoid, people we did not know existed, people that invites us, people we invite.

Looking back at the journey that started fall 2007 we see that many of the people we meet in our way still follow us, or we still follow them.

“We do not work on identity crises in a political language, but in a formal one, to point out structures, to examine what art forms carry those crises, how they are carried into bodies, into music, into art. We use the material those crises have produced, the gestures and the constraints they have generated. Having close contact with the people that invite us, gathering a maximum of information through discussions,  pictures, videos and sounds is an important part of our work” WE INSIST.

  • WE INSIST Narvik (2010)
  • WE INSIST Oslo (2009)
  • WE INSIST Vadsø (2009)
  • WE INSIST Mexicali, a mirror installation (2009)
  • WE INSIST Marrakech (2009)
  • WE INSIST Gothenburg (2008)
  • WE INSIST Belfort
  • WE INSIST Damascus
  • WE INSIST Porto
  • WE INSIST Stockholm
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